Our reef


The biggest advantage of the Diving Centre Kostrena is a fascinating reef located in front of the Centre. After entering the sea and reaching the plato at about 10m of depth ( ideal for the beginners and for the Discovery dive ) starts the steep part of the reef which goes down to the depth of 40 m. The reef is perfect for all courses – for the beginners as well as for the advanced divers and the richness of flora and fauna of the seabed and good visibility of breathtaking scenery makes this Centre unique. This is precisely the reason why Kostrena is a favorite place for many Croatian diving clubs as well as for the diving clubs from neighboring countries who come every year and every dive brings them a new experience of something interesting and exciting.

The Center has got its own private access to the sea, which makes the reef even more convenient to access and all the professional services and support is given directly from the Centre which is only 15 m from the sea.